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Building a Better Future for the Construction Industry

CECA Looks Ahead To The Second Roads Investment Strategy   16th January 2020

CECA is anticipating that the second Roads Investment Strategy will be published in the coming weeks, confirming Government’s plans for £25.3bn investment in our strategic roads between 2020-25.

Ongoing commitment to five-year cycles for roads spending is welcomed by industry, as they provide much greater project certainty, giving industry the confidence it needs to prepare for a substantial programme of work.

While the latest proposed figure is less than the £29bn originally quoted, CECA remains optimistic about the new Government’s commitment to road infrastructure, and the vital role it plays in driving economic growth.

This has already been reflected in the Conservative Party’s election manifesto to make a £28.8 billion investment in strategic and local roads and £1 billion in rapid electric vehicle charging.

When RIS 2 is announced, we hope that it will confirm the critical infrastructure needed to future proof the strategic road network by committing to projects such as the Lower Thames Crossing and the A303 in order to drive growth and connectivity.

Alongside continued major investment in our Strategic Roads Network, Government must also recognise the role that non-strategic roads play in connecting our communities and moving people and goods across the UK.

To this end, we await details of the schemes selected to go ahead as part of the Major Road Network and Large Local Majors programmes and continue to support regional devolution providing greater autonomy for local decisions.

Over the last year the CECA Roads Forum has hosted a number of speakers from the Department for Transport, Highways England and the Office for Rail and Road.

These roundtable meetings have enabled CECA members to truly understand the challenges and opportunities within roads investment and planning for the long-term.  


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