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Building a Better Future for the Construction Industry

Strategic Forum Feedback

This section of the website aims to keep Construction Alliance members informed and up-to-date on Construction Alliance activities within the Strategic Forum for Construction.

The Construction Alliance meets with our spokesman, Mark Wakeford, before each Strategic Forum meeting to discuss the agenda, key messages and our positioning on construction industry issues and policy. This ensures that the views of member organisations’ memberships are represented at the highest level. 

Download a copy of the minutes of the last meeting from the panel bottom right.

Discussion Board
Construction Alliance members, their memberships and other interested parties are invited to discuss ideas, comment and exchange information and opinions by going to our Discussion Board.

About the Strategic Forum

The Strategic Forum provides the only arena where all sections of the construction industry can discuss the strategic issues that it faces and develop approaches for the benefit of all. It is also the only representative interface between Government and the construction sector, taking its membership from all key umbrella bodies within the industry. The Forum meets three times a year within the offices of the Department for Business, Industry and Skills – all areas which the Forum hopes to influence the Government to adopt policies that support the UK’s greatest business sector.

The Forum has six seats representing the key parts of the sector, namely:

For more information on the Strategic Forum for Construction, please visit: www.strategicforum.org.uk


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