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Building a Better Future for the Construction Industry
the Scottish Building Federation The Scottish Building Federation

Founded in 1895, the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) is the lead voice of the construction industry in Scotland, an industry which is the largest source of private investment north of the border and contributes around £10 billion (c.10%) to Scotland's GDP.  The overall aim of the organisation is to ensure that the important contribution of the Scottish construction industry to Scotland's economy and society is recognised and valued, which it does through working with industry, government and the media, and that industry standards are raised.

The SBF promotes the interests of the construction industry to a diverse range of stakeholders and is the leading employers' federation for the industry, representing over 700 companies from Orkney to the Borders.

The SBF provides an exclusive range of invaluable support services to a wide range of member companies, whether these are small single trade firms or major regional and national contractors.  The shared objective that all members have in common is their commitment to health and safety, skills and integrity, ensuring the delivery of the highest standards of performance, professionalism and quality within the industry in Scotland.

Aims and Policy Areas
Over the past year, the Scottish Building Federation has made thoughtful and substantial contributions to a number of consultations on the development of policy in key areas including taxation, the Scottish Budget, tackling climate change, affordable housing, capital funding, skills shortage, apprenticeships and health and safety.

Our objective is to remain the first port of call for policymakers seeking authoritative information about Scotland’s construction industry, the key challenges it faces, but also the huge contribution it can make towards achieving strategic policy goals in many of these areas.

SBF Seven-Point Recovery Plan

Most recently, the Scottish Building Federation has focused its lobbying efforts on campaigning for a seven-point plan to accelerate the industry’s recovery:

  1. Creation of a National Infrastructure Investment Bank to help fund major infrastructure projects and allow redirection of additional resources towards affordable housing and new schools and hospitals;
  2. Simplify public procurement to get rid of burdensome pre-qualification for tender shortlists and reduce associated costs;
  3. Streamline the planning process to increase significantly the proportion of non-householder planning applications decided within 2 months;
  4. Recognising that almost half of all modern apprentices in training in 2009 were employed by the construction industry and associated trades, a specific and properly funded strategy to support construction apprentices;
  5. With the annual cost of achieving a 42% reduction in carbon emissions from Scotland’s 2.3 million homes between now and 2020 estimated to be £1.6 billion, a significant increase in funding for the Scottish Government’s Home Insulation Programme;
  6. To support skills and apprenticeships, improve energy efficiency and drive cowboy builders out of the industry for good, cut VAT on home building works to 5%;
  7. In recognition of the importance of the construction industry to the Scottish economy and to ensure joined-up policy-making, appointment of a dedicated Scottish Construction Minister.

For more information about the SBF please visit: www.scottish-building.co.uk

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