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Building a Better Future for the Construction Industry
The Civil Engineering Contractors Association CECA
Civil Engineering Contractors Association

About us

Flintshire Bridge - Dee CrossingThe Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) is a regionally based organisation. CECA's eight Regional Associations cover the whole of England, Scotland and Wales and provide for contractors' regional interests. Regional Committees comprising leading contractors develop campaigning initiatives in the region. Regular liaison by these regions with the Regional Assemblies, public and private sector clients and other bodies which operate within their area ensures a mutual understanding of business and other issues. Also by this means CECA can identify and monitor developments and trends which may have a national dimension.

The CECA Regional Associations are members of CECA and national policy is determined through the Chairmen’s Strategic Forum, the Executive Management Board and Standing Committees comprising representatives nominated by the Regions. This enables CECA to speak with authority on behalf of its members to Government, major clients, relevant national bodies, professional institutions and other trade associations.

CECA provides advice and information to members on a diverse range of issues. Its staff are available to answer enquiries and provide information on issues including developments in infrastructure investment, procurement initiatives and strategies, legal contractual matters, employment, technical and environmental issues, training and safety.

For more information about CECA please visit www.ceca.co.uk

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